On Campus

Summer Residential Life

Discover Lehigh’s rich traditions and historic campus, while experiencing residential life away from home. Your summer on campus will prepare you in significant ways for attending boarding school or college in the future. Accepted participants take part in classes, activities, service-learning projects, and meals together. Both residential and commuter students will meet new friends
from around the country and the world.


Relax with friends and make lifelong connections, while enjoying the Summer Academy’s vibrant community. Overseen by well-trained residential coordinators, program participants will live in small groups that encourage cooperation and responsibility. Students will be housed based on age and gender.

A commuter student option is available. Visit the FAQ section for more details.


Residential and Commuter students all have access to three meals a day, including hot and cold meal options, as part of their tuition. The program accommodates for any dietary restrictions. Kosher, vegetarian, and gluten-free options are always available to students and are labeled. Dining services will work with families of students with allergies, intolerance, and other aversions to ensure safe options. 

On Campus

There are plenty of fun and enriching daily activities and special events on campus for participants, including: 

      • Baseball, basketball, soccer, squash, swimming, tennis, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and more
      • Nature hikes and exploring
      • Creative and performing arts
      • Team building

Optional SAT Prep courses are available for an additional fee.

Weekend Activities

On the weekends, the focus is on fun! Social gatherings and experiences build connections and inspire new perspectives while providing you time to unwind. Our program will venture off campus on day trips and come together for lively Lehigh Spirit Rallies on campus. 

Saturday Excursions

Chaperoned by the Summer Academy staff, you’ll enjoy a different off-campus adventure every weekend. Day trips provide you the opportunity to explore new communities and have meaningful, memorable experiences, while building confidence and awareness.


Religious Services

Lehigh University Summer Academy offers regular opportunities for religious practices. Should the family of a student have questions about attending worship services on the weekend, please email us at summeracademy@lehigh.edu


Lehigh Spirit Rallies

Lehigh Spirit Rallies are the big social events of the summer. Students get together for some friendly competition and lots of fun. With games and contests testing their leadership and collaboration skills, teams will earn points (and bragging rights) all in the spirit of camaraderie. The team with the most points will be presented the “Lehigh Spirit Award” on the last Thursday of the session. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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